Use Multicam to sync and record multiple video streams using mobile phones instead of expensive cameras. Using our patented Bluetooth sync technology, you can add as many phones as required to get every angle you need, simultaneously!

Multicam INT Features

Sync, Record, Upload


1. Synchronise

Set your mobile phones up focused on what you want to film and hit Record to sync the devices together


2. Record

Record your session. The Mobile phones will ping each other to ensure they remain synchronised.


3. Upload to Cloud

When you have finished recording, make sure you have an internet connection, and upload the entire session.


Download, Edit, Publish


4. Stream

Stream your videos from the cloud to check the results. View each stream with a single click.


5. Edit

Download the videos ready for editing in your favourite editor. Every video will start at the same time!


6. Publish

Publish your results.


Frequent Asked Questions


How many phones can I use?

Any number up to eight simultaneously. Once each phone has been linked to the master, the record function can be controlled centrally. You will be given a countdown, then all phones will sync automatically.


What sort of phone can I use?

You can use almost any phone with an IOS or Android operating system, for example, an iPhone and a Google Pixel. The phones have to be fairly recent to take advantage of the peer-to-peer wifi function.


How long can a video last?

The video’s length depends on the storage available on the phone. Typically, you might record for a few minutes but it is possible to record for hours if required.


Where is the video stored?

Initially, the video is stored locally on the phone. The video is uploaded to cloud storage when an Internet connection is available. The videos are stored for a limited time in the cloud. If you want to retain the video, you will need to download them to a local device.

Multicam Mobile

Where to Use Multicam

Meeting Interactions

Meeting Interactions

Capture dynamic multi-angle recordings, providing comprehensive documentation and improved collaboration, fostering engagement and communication among participants.

Multicam - Use Case - Vlogger

Influencer Vlogging

Content creators and influencers can create more dynamic and engaging videos for their audience. Especially useful for DIY tutorials, cooking demonstrations, fitness videos, or fashion.

Multicam - Use Case - Church

Church Services

Seamless multi-angle recording of church sermons, choir performances, and congregation interactions, enriching the worship experience for remote and in-person attendees alike.

Multicam - Use Case - Interviews


Multicam INT can record interviews or panel discussions with multiple participants, providing post-interview detailed analysis by switching between different angles and viewpoints.

Multicam - Use Case - Theatre

Small Theatre Productions

Theatre productions, dance recitals, and other live performances can benefit from the multi-angle recording capabilities, providing a more immersive viewing experience for the audience.

Multicam - Use Case - Online Learning

Online Learning

Teachers and educators can use the app to record lectures, presentations, or workshops from multiple angles. This is especially useful for hands-on learning scenarios or lab demonstrations.

Multicam - Use Case - Marketing

Marketing Videos

Businesses can use Multicam INT to create professional-looking product demonstrations, training videos, or promotional content, giving them a more polished and dynamic feel.

Multicam - Use Case - Short Film

Short Films

Budding filmmakers can create multi-camera setups on a budget to enhance the storytelling and visual appeal of their projects without needing to invest in expensive professional equipment.

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